Tours - Honeymoon Break Japan (12 days)

Tour includes:

• Accommodation at selected hotels with meals as mentioned

• Check-in time is 3.00PM and check-out time is 11.00AM. Early or late service is subject to

availability with surcharge.

• Meals as mentioned

• Tours and transfers as mentioned by public transport in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima

• Sightseeing fees and permits during guided time

• Service charge and current government VAT tax

Tour excludes:


• Optional tour

• Please make sure you have 6 months passport validity.

• Early/late check in/out service at hotels (surcharge if request)

• Tips and gratuities

• Services and meals if not mentioned in itinerary

• All drinks, including water, soft drink and alcohol on all included or optional excursion

• Laundry, telephone calls and expenditure of a personal nature

• Travel Insurance (Compulsory)

Why not try a honeymoon in Japan? This country is surely designed for lovers, with its relaxing, romantic traditions, designs for two, and pair outings that ensure the both of you will be visiting in comfort and satisfaction

Day 1: TOKYO

When you first arrive in Tokyo, we will meet you at the airport so that you can take a relaxing limousine bus to your hotel.
In the evening, we will take you on a local food and drink tour at the backstreet of Tokyo, you will have a fun evening in a local way.
Meal: None

Day 2: TOKYO

Today we take you to some of the city's most iconic locations. We start with a tour of the public transportation system - We take you to the Meiji Jingu on your first stop. This massive shrine in the middle of the city was built in homage to the late Meiji Emperor, and is the most popular place in the city for the end-of-year ceremonies called hatsu-mode, as well as shinto-style weddings! You will participate in a ceremony and receive blessing from a monk for your healthy and prosperous life.
Just outside the Meiji Shrine is Harajuku, made famous by that Gwen Stefani song, but in fact a center of fashion and trend for long before she was ever born. See cosplayers and bizarre, outlandish clothing, and try some on yourself. Taste youth culture in the back streets, and high-end models and designers on the boulevards. The area is sprinkled with classy cafes and coffee houses - take a rest at one of these which suits your fancy and try some Japanese sweets while there. Visit the quirky Kawai café to add the complete experience.
After Harajuku, we take the subway to the old downtown shita-machi area, and the legendary Asakusa area. This is the home of the grand temple of Senso-ji. This bright red temple has been central to an area famous for kimono, geisha, performing arts and old-fashioned souvenirs since before the Edo Period of old Japan, hundreds of years ago. Get your fortune told, find high-class incense, spot geiko (young geisha) passing by and snack on Edo foods! This is a perfect place for photographs, by the way, as the gate is an icon of Tokyo tourism. Find yourself a kimono while there and get photographed as a couple in traditional dress! 
Cycling tour in the evening to enjoy beautiful illumination spots in Tokyo

Meal: B
1.    Japanese style Kaguwa dinner





The third day is a free day. You can go back to the areas we showed you to get a deeper look at the fascinating back alleys, or use our information packet to visit new areas of the old town. Visit the Tsukji Fish Market and surrounding historic restaurants in Tsukushima. Or perhaps take a cruise further down the Sumida River to visit Odaiba - a unique island of gaming and multi-media! You can also visit the Kabuki-za Theatre in Ginza, and see a performance while there - a must-see for any visitor to Japan. You might also like to tour Ueno for galleries and concert halls. We also offer to send you to nearby Nikko to see beautiful traditional streets and customs, or to Kamakura to see the giant Buddha stature and town of the samurai. Just tell us what you are looking for!
Helicopter ride in the evening
Enjoy 100 kinds of sake with finger food
Meal: B



On the next few days of your journey, visit Hakone and view Mount Fuji - the beautiful cone-shaped dormant volcano that has become a symbol of Japan all around the world in the paintings of Hokusai. We'll take a ropeway ride to see more ofthe Hakone National Park, and O-waku-dani, a geothermal park where you can see steam vents and colorful pools of minerals, all evidence that the Earth is alive and changing. Try a local egg boiled in the very water that bubbles up from beneath the earth!

The area of Hakone is a checkpoint on the historical "Tokaido" highway stretching from Kyoto to Edo. 
Stay at a traidional Japanese Ryokan and enjoy the local Kaiseki mean for dinner in a Japanese style.
Meal: B, D

Day 5: HAKONE 

Free day

Meals: B, D


Day 6: KYOTO

After a last dip in the onsen, take a short shinkansen bullet-train ride to Kyoto, the ancient capital city of Japan. At Kyoto, take a tour of the World Heritage Sites, or see the major stops for tourists coming to this ancient city. This city stands as it did for hundreds of years, and the older part of town is actually protected to prevent it from turning into another shrine to modernity. 
Walk through old Japan as it used to be. See the famed geisha, visit the best kimono shops in the country, experience tea ceremonies and healthy, local cuisine, and visit as many of the rumoured "ten thousand temples" the city boasts. With 17 Unesco World Heritage sights to be seen, the town is still quaint and walkable enough to be explored at leisure. Of course you will be guided through the cobblestone streets, so when curiosity piques your interest, ask anything you like about the history and persistence of so many elements of traditional culture that still applies to the city today.
In the afternoon, visit a "machiya," a restored traditional wooden house that is typical to Kyoto and many parts of Japan. See what it's like to live in a traditional Japanese home on a daily basis. Then we give you a taste of traditional Japanese dress - try on a kimono! You can choose from many styles and colors, and see how the outfit works on you. 

Optional: Dinner with Geisha
Meal: B


Day 7: KYOTO (B)

Utilizing the efficent Kyoto&;s subway or bus and a knowledgeable private guide, we start with the grand Nijo Castle, a sprawling, breath-taking example of comfortable luxury in Japanese nature. We then visit Ryoanji, famous for its UNESCO-protected World Heritage zen gardens. You may find it nostalgic, as it has been featured in many movies and cited often for inspiration by creators and entrepreneurs alike. Afterward, visit Kinkakuji, the location of many films and novels, this pavilion which is completely coated in gold was originally built as a summer house for a shogun. 

Transfer to Sagano, and start walking through the lush bamboo grove, admiring the amazing views of the mountains and imposing valleys. It is around 3 km gentle walk. Head to Tenryu- Ji temple, which dates to 1339 and it still stands in the original design. Next, continue to the Jajakko- Ju temple, nestled in the wooded hill. Finish your walk by crossing over the famous Togetsukyo bridge, overlooking at the stunning views of the hozu river.

Dinner with Geisha




Today is a free day to explore Kyoto on your own.
You may wish to visit Nara, which is a capital of Japan even older than Kyoto. This 8th century town is filled with wabi-sabi and quiet streets that lead from shrine to shrine. Visit the outstanding Todaiji - a "power spot" claiming responsibility for inciting many of historical figures to action. It's the largest wooden building in the world, and is quite an impressive site. Also visit KasugaTaisha, Nara's most celebrated shinto shrine, which is populated by pretty, friendly deer whose presence only improves the tranquillity of the area. 
Other options include taking a bike ride and exploring the beauty and backstreet of Kyoto.
Or, joining a local cooking class.


Take a flight to the beautiful island of Okinawa to relax and rejuvenate on your final days of your memorable trip.
Meal: B

Day 10 & 11: OKINAWA

Free day at your leisure
Meal: B



On the final day in Japan, take some time to explore the area and pick up souvenirs. Tell us if there is anything else you hoped to see or do while in the country so that we can make extra arrangements, or let us escort you back to the airport with all your newfound treasures. We'll do anything we can to make your stay as comfortable and romantic as possible!

Meals: B


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