Tours - 2-Day Matsushima History Tour with Local Tea/Sake/Inn Experience

Matsushima has had a long history as a sightseeing spot due to its beautiful landscape; however, this place is also known as a historically important location for being a base of the shogunate during the Sengoku (Warring States) period. 
This area is deeply associated with Masamune Date, the samurai ruler of the Sendai region who was known as ”Dokuganryu” (one-eyed hero), as he could only see with one eye. 

This area was loved by Masamune Date as an excellent port and hundreds of islands and sunken rocks in the area prevented invasion by enemies. (Thanks to these islands Matsushima suffered relatively little damage from tsunami which followed the big earthquake on March 11th, 2011) After Matsushima became a base of the Date family, they built a number of impressive facilities. One of them, Zuiganji Temple, is registered as National Treasure and is known as a symbol of Matsushima. 

These are just pieces of a rich and fascinating story. It is recommended to actually visit and feel the beauty of Matsushima.
With our tours, you will be able to touch and feel not only the history of Matsushima, but also the beautiful landscape and local culture. Beauty of Japan tours include numerous local and exclusive experiences that are unforgettable and like no other tour.

- Enjoy green tea tasting and local original sake-based cocktail
- Visit a sake brewery to learn about local sake culture
- Tea ceremony at historical teahouse (Beauty of Japan exclusive)
- Interaction with locals through homestay and fishery experience

----Day 1-----

10:00AM Meet a guide at Hon-Shiogama Station
(About 30 minutes train ride from JR Sendai station.)
Then walk to a local famous green tea store for unique "green tea tasting" experience. 
You will have a chance to taste a few kinds of high-graded green tea that are served at luxurious hotel/ryokan, as well as sake-based green tea cocktail. 

11:00AM Visit a local sake brewery
You will visit a local sake brewery that is famous nationwide and hear about their history, manufacturing process of sake, and types of sake. You will also have a chance to taste a few kinds of sake. (*Closed on Sundays. )

(Participants on Sundays) Ride on sightseeing boat
- When the sake brewery is not opened, we will take you to a short sightseeing boat ride in Matsushima bay where you will certainly enjoy the beautiful landscape from the boat.

12:30-1:30PM Lunch.
Several options for lunch, such as sushi, yakiniku, local izakaya restaurant, seafood, oysters, shojin cuisine (vegetarian), etc

1:30PM-4:15PM Tea ceremony and walking tour in Matsushima
- Tea ceremony at Kanrantei teahouse (one of the Miyagi prefecture's tangible cultural properties) 
Tea ceremony will be held in Goza-no-ma room, which is not open to public and photo is not even allowed to preserve historical wall paintings that is designated as an important cultural property of Japan; however, our guests will have a special access to this room and experience tea ceremony. You will enjoy Japanese traditional green tea with a stunning view of Matsushima bay. 

- Walking tour in Matsushima 
You will visit local historical sites with a guide. Great opportunity to learn about their "Date culture" and history while seeing the local lifestyle.

Spots to visit:
- Zuiganji temple (National Treasure and Important Cultural Property)
- Godaido temple (Important Cultural Property)
- Entsuin temple
- Pine Tree of "Saigyo Modish" (if time allows)

4:30PM-5:30PM Head to accommodation place

5:30PM Check-in 
- You will stay at Minshuku run by local fisherman family - Japanese style inn.
- Enjoy fresh seafood dinner with local people! (with translation support) 
- You will have a chance to sleep on the tatami mats

-----Day 2-----

9:00AM-12:00PM Fishery experience
- Enjoy the local and traditional fishing experience with an instructor. Examples of experience include surf fishing, net fishing, basket fishing, etc.
*This experience is not available from January to March. A different tour will be arranged during this season. 

12:30PM-1:30PM Seafood BBQ
- Eat up just-caught fresh seafood with BBQ. 

2:00PM~ Cycling in local town
- Enjoy cycling in Oku-Matsushima area (without a guide). Great chance to see the beautiful local nature, lifestyle, and sightseeing spots, such as Jyomonmura village museum, Mt. Otakamori, and Saga Valley.

4:00PM Tour ends at your preferred time
- You will have a ride to Nobiru station.


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