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Covid 19 Update News and Travel Alerts

Updated 15 June 2021

Coronavirus latest updates:

COVID-19 situation in Japan and many countries around the world is still very challenging. This indicates that international borders for leisure clients will remain closed. And there are no significant signs that Japanese borders will be opened to large number of tourists soon.

Current state of tourism: borders closed.

Domestic situation

Japan on May 21, 2021 decided to expand a coronavirus state of emergency as an effort to contain the worrying surge in virus infections 9 weeks ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.The state of emergency currently applies to ten prefectures, and will remain in effect. The declaration had covered Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Okayama, Aichi, Hiroshima, Okinawa and Fukuoka prefectures, and the state is expected to be extended until June 20. Currently, there is no forced lockdown. This state of emergency allows prefectural governors to demand that shops and public establishments close or shorten their hours.

Japan's vaccination: The government expected to administer 40 million shots by the end of June ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held on a smaller scale and with measures to prevent infections. Inoculation of the rest of the population is also gradually picking up the pace, and the country is expected to be able to vaccinate the entire population by November.

In Japan's cities, public transportation hasn't been greatly affected. However, airlines continue to suspend a considerable amount of their domestic flights, while long-distance railway services are operating generally according to regular schedules.

International Travel Restriction

Due to the spread of the contagious virus, and to prepare for the Olympics & Paralympic Games 2020+1, Japan is stopping border entrance until further notice to all new foreign arrivals except foreign residents of Japan or under special circumstances.

It is currently undecided when regular tourists will again be able to enter the country.

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