Tours - Home cooking experience

This is a private lesson of traditional Japanese food called "Ichi-ju-sansai", meaning "Meal consisting of soup, three side dishes and rice" that use seasonal ingredients. Thus menu changes every month.

Learn and taste the traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine from a bilingual professional instructor who will kindly teaches you including history. This program includes English recipes and the souvenir that it is easy to practice at home. 

Marimo is a professional cook. 

She proposes a simple and healthy vegetables abundance of home cooking by taking advantage of seasonal ingredients. Her recipes, based on Japanese home cooking with seasonal, are full of her original ideas and are loved by many people of all generations. She is an expert in medicinal cooking for home and recipe creator who teaches all kinds of Japanese cuisine in English at her salon in Meguro.
She also runs as private chef, catering, food styling for TV-show, CM and magazine. She published her first recipe book "Kurashino-koyomi" in 2013.

Through all her activities, she has been trying to show how to enjoy life and to make family life happy with homemade cooking.

She inspired from the father who had experienced at embassy chef at a time in the past. As she grew up watching carefully her grandmother cooking since she was young, she acquired cooking skills naturally. She studied not only Japanese food, many worlds&; cuisines to get to understand and know the differences from Japanese food. 

- Professional Cooking instructor
- Food Coordinator (Magazine, CM, TV-show and so on)
- Expert in medicinal cooking for home (based on traditional Chinese medicine)
- Food Education Instructor
- A foodie and foodies traveler

Three dishes, soup and rice
- One main dish(meat or fish)
- Two dishes 
- Soup 
- Rice


◆Cooking Class Open days 
Mon-Wed-Fri: Morning class: after 9am
Afternoon class: after 4pm
*Please inquire us in case that your requested date/timing is not listed



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