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Tours - Local Foodie Tour in Tokyo



How about exploring traditional Izakaya in Tokyo district where you can feel Japanese local life?
Bar Hopping Master will take you to places where local people usually gather where no foreigners are seen. You will be provided a lot of information, such as Japanese night life, local food and drink, and more information about Japanese cultures and traditions! You don't need to worry about ordering food and the master will explain you what kind of food and drink are there.
Let's be part of local! 
You will certainly feel the special atmosphere in those backstreet alleys. This will definitely be unforgettable experience!

1. Guide-only option

- Guide will take you to 3 recommended local and traditional izakayas. Food and drink is not included in the price, so you will need to pay at site (for guide as well). 
- Available location: Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinbashi

2. With food/drink option
- This option includes either '1 drink and 2 dishes' or '2 drinks and 1 dish' at each location. If additional food/beverage is ordered, you will need to pay at site.
- Available location: Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinbashi

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