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Tours - Ninja/ Samurai Experience
You will learn Ninja's martial art, technique, and performance of Musashi-ryu (school) that has been private for a decade at Shibata family. 
Because of its assimilation of various aspects of the other martial art forms, they have decided to call our the martial arts of their clan "Musashi-ryu". And ninjutsu comprises one part of their comprehensive arts. It is popularly known as Musashi-ryu Ninjutsu.
Ancestor of Musashi clan is Katsushige Shibata who is the grandson of a famous samurai, Katsuie Shibata. Katsushige served as vassal of the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa and thereafter, the clan has held the title of such shogunate including private spy.
In Bakumatsu period, Sadataro Shibata was a foreign magistrate and magistrate of Osaka and Hyogo.
Program Contents
- Heart method, etiquette, kuji-ho
- Ninja tool explanation (4 kinds from kunai shuriken, tetsu no tsume, tekou, kaginawa, ninja sword, kusarigama, tenouchi)
- Ninjutsu (Shuriken, Fukiya, nawa jutsu or kunai or katana, kujihou (self-protection), ton juts (escape), gorin)
- Certification of ninjutsu
- Photo shoot
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