Tours - Learn how to eat traditional Kaiseki dinner and its history. (dinner included. Halal accepted.)
Teacher and owner/chef "Yuki Tanaka"
He trained at Kikunoi restaurant (granted the highest rank of three stars in the Michelin), and traveled around the world.
He is trying to spread wonderful Japanese cuisine culture with his English skill.

- First drink SAKE
- Hassun -appetizer
- Sashimi -Fresh Raw fish
- Wanmono -Simmered foods
- Tempura -Fried foods
- Gohan,Tomewan,Konomono -rice,soup,pickles
- Sweets or Fruits
- Japanese tea
- English guide book.
*Menu is subject to change
This private program date and time can be arranged upon your request. This program can only be offered in English.

Meeting Place: Mizuno Bldg., 3F 4-2-15,NishiAzabu,Minato-ku,Tokyo


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