Tours - Northern Als Hiking: 10days (Sado, Matsumoto, Hakuba, Dewa-sanzan)
Northern Japanese Alps is the huge mountain area in Japan(150km from north to south , east and west 25km), and most part of this area are designated as a national park.

There are 21 mountains which are over 3,000m height, and 10 of them are located in this national park.
Sado is the biggest isolated island in Japan, and this island is famous as a concentrated Japan because of its beautiful nature.
Also, Sado is one the places that you can see Japanese ibis thanks to the artificial breeding.

In addition, Sado is famous for the Noh(clasical stage art performed by only men).
There were over 200 stages in Sado in Edo priod, and 32 stages are atill located there.
Mt. Dewasanzan is the generic name of Mt.Gassan, Mt. Haguro and Mt. Yudonosan, and it has been well known as a mountain for an ascetics.
It has been said that each mountain represent present life, previous life, and after life.
Mount Gassan: Previous life
Mount Haguro: Present life
Mount Yudonosan: After life

A lot of hiker hike those mountain as a spiritual training at Mt. Dewasanzan currently:
Enter from Mt. Haguro (reprisents present life) Mt.Gassan for face to death and resurrection, and reborn at Mt. Yudonosan.
Enjoy unique hiking tour with staying at local home, and experience to be an adventurer. 

Day 1

-Move to Matsumoto from Tokyo
-Sightseeing without guide*Matsumotojo castle is recommended to visit.
-Enjoy the local food at the Izakaya bar.
Matsumotojo is one of the most beautiful castle in Japan. You will be amaized by its beautiful contrast of black and write.
Also, the tower is inclined, so you will find different kind of Japanese castle.

Day 2

- Meet with the guide at the accommodation in Matsumoto.
-Hike at the Shionomiti road towards local home
Find the local life style at the old folk house, and take a rest for the hiking on next day.

Day 3

-Take the taxi from the accommodation, and hike the Tsugaike plateau, Watasu wetlands and Hakuba-Oike lake. (4 hours and half including lunch time)
-Stay at the mountain hut at Hakuba-Oike lake.
Hakuba-Oike is a lake that has been made dammed in the ejecta of the volcano.

Day 4

- Down the Hakuba lake towards RengeOnsen hot spring. (5 hours and half including lunch time)
-Thereafter, move to the Naoetsu
Rengeonsen is located middle of the mountain, and it is loved by a lot of hiker in Japan.
There are 4 different kinds of Onsen hot spring, and the most famous hot spring among of them is Senkionsen.
At the Senkionsen, you see only mountain, and sky.

Day 5

-Take the ferry and move to Sado isolated island.
-Enjoy tub boat and adventurer experience in Sado island.
Sado island is the biggest isolated island in Japan. Enjoy its superb nature and beautiful landscape like ocean mountain river lake and rice field.

Day 6

-Enjoy sightseeing at the Ryotsu which is enturance of the Sado island.
The biggest port is located at Ryotsu, and Ryotsu is the downtown in Sado. You wil not only restaurants but also Onsen ryokan accommodation at there.
-Take the ferry from Sado island.
-Move to Yamagata prefecture and take a rest at the accommodation.

Day 7

-Move to the Mt. Yudonosan, one of the Mt. Dewasanzan, and visit Yudensan shrine.
Yudensan shrine does not have a main shrine, but since Mt. Yudonosan was the subject of mountain worship, they believe the God is enshrined in the mountain. Hence, the in no main shrine at the Yudensan shrine.
-Hike the Yudensan shrine, Mt. gassan and Busseiti hut for 4 hours and half.
- Stay at the mountain hut.

Day 8

-Down from the Mt. Gassan, and visit Mt. Haguro for hiking (2 hours)
- Go up the 2446 numbers stairs towards Dewasanzan shrine. Thereafter, walk towards hospicea guesthouse. (2 hours)
Enjoy the breathtaking landscape and its amazing nature through the hiking.

Day 9

-Take the private vehicle and move to Yamadera temple.
-Stay at Ginzanonsen hot spring area.
Yamadera temple is the Buddhism dojo studio which has over 1000 years history.
You will get to the Yamadera temple after climbing a lot of stairs where you will be purified by one step.
The scape from the top is unforgetable.
Last accommodation you will stay is Ginzanonsen area which the Hayao Miyazaki was inspired by its beauty. (He made "Spirited Away")

Day 10

-Move to the Yamagata air port led by the guide and tour concludes at the air port


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