Tours - Visit Nada Sake Brewery from Kobe by a Private Vehicle
This is a private tour with chartered vehicle from Kobe. Learn A-Z about sake brewing at famous Nada Gogo area.
"In addition to a sake brewery visit, you will have a chance to see rice fields that is making ""Yamada-nishiki"", the famous rice made specifically for sake production and farmers who are making ""Komo"" Barrels for Sake.
You will see conscientious skills of artisans making sake in Nada Gogo."
You will enjoy tasting sake samples and observing Japanese-style sake storehouse during the tour.
At the end of tour, we will guide you to our recommended restaurant where you can enjoy sake and dinner.
*Food and beverage is not included in this tour price.
About sake brewing of Nada
Nada Gogo is a suitable place for sake production and it is known for producing a number of high quality sake.

There are 4 elements to product high quality sake
1. Hard water with high minerals, called "Miya-mizu"
Water is essential to make a good sake. Miya-mizu is a spring water that contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium. It is known as a miracle water, because it doesn't contain iron which makes the flavor bad.

2. Famous rice in Hyogo "Yamada-Nishiki"
Yamada Nishiki is famous for a well-suited rice for sake.
This rice with an origin of Hyogo prefecture doe not contain protein and fat because of the huge starchy material. This good balance produces elegant flavor and good-tasting sake.

3. Master sake brewer or "To-ji" 
Master brewer leads other brewery staff and is responsible for sake production.
Most of master brewers in Nada Gogo are from Tamba, so they are called Tamba To-ji as well.
Since they compete ruthlessly with others in Nada, their skills and knowledge are at the highest level.
It is said that the sake culture in Nada is protected by these To-ji. 

4. Cold wind from mountsin, called "Rokko Oroshi"
In winter, cold ""Rokko Oroshi"" blows from Mt. Rokko nearby Nada area.
This cold wind brgins the temperature down and is vital for sake brewing. Many storehouses are constructed to let the wind comes in.

Sake which is made with these 4 elements are called ""Nada-no-kiippon"" and represents the highest grade sake in Japan. 
Please choose your requestd time slot
A. 9AM-1:30PM
B. 12:30PM-5PM

1. Pick-up at a station or hotel in Chuo-ward in Kobe
2. Visit rice fields of Yamada Nishiki
3. Visit a rush mat farmer of sake barrel
4. Visit the storehouse of sake rice
5. To Mt. Rokko observatory
6. Visit a sake barrel factory or a hoop factory
7. Visit a sake brewery and sake tasting
8. Drop off at a recommended restaurant in Sannomiya or Motomachi


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