Tours - Luxury Private Cultural Experience for VIP in Tokyo (Kabuki, Noh, Geisha, etc)
- Luxurious moments to fully appreciate ultimate hospitality and Japanese traditional culture, which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else -

You will privately enjoy Japanese traditional culture and entertainment "live" at private and luxury salon. Like no other, this is the only place where you can experience many kinds of entertainment shows at one place. 
Superb high-end experience. 

Please feel free to inquire us for pricing and other details.

Examples of shows are the following:

◆Noh play - Become mesmerized by the world of the Noh play, the most prominent Japanese performing art -
In a private setting, one can fully enjoy the world of the Noh play, the most prominent Japanese performing art. This special plan offers guests the opportunity to directly hear about the Noh art from shite-kata (main performers) and other performers, while closely watching performers put on national treasure-class theatrical costumes.

◆Kabuki - Traditional performing art passed down from the Edo period -
Kabuki, a world intangible cultural heritage, was created 400 years ago, around the same time that Shakespeare was born in England and opera was established in Italy. Kabuki started in the Edo period and immediately became fanatically popular among citizens. "Ka" in Kabuki means music, "bu" and "ki" mean acting performance. Kabuki was a contemporary style of drama in the Edo period, whose audience was made up of common people irrespective of age or gender. As such, Kabuki incorporated modern manners and customs of the day so that it could be understood easily by anyone.
This plan shows and explains the steps a Kabuki actor goes through to be ready for performance, including make-up and costuming. Afterwards, the Kabuki actors perform a Kabuki dance.

◆Geisha - Have fun in a private space with geishas who convey Edo chic to today's world -
Authentic geishas with strict training in the art create a glamorous atmosphere using traditional party entertainment. They will play games with you too, making conversations even more enjoyable. Become fascinated by our geishas' elegant artistry and moments of true fleshpot culture.
Experience the elegance of first-class geishas dancing in the beautiful former residence of early foreign settlers. You will enjoy yourself to the fullest with geisha party play and traditional performance by Hokans (there remain only a few Hokans today).
※Hokan: entertainment who amusingly mediates between geishas and guestt = Taikomochi (clown)

◆Aroma massage & beauty salon treatment - Enjoy a fully customized aroma massage and beauty salon treatment -
Our service is characterized by a fully customized aroma massage using high-quality aroma oil and beauty salon treatment - a treatment specifically suited to each customer.
Aroma massage using high-quality aroma oil and shiatsu, a Japanese traditional massage technique using finger/palm pressure, will completely relax stiffness.

◆Others include...
Ninja: Physically experience the spirit of shinobi (the art of the ninja), a Japanese cultural asset, and an authentic ninja of modern times.

Valuable Japanese folk culture Tengu & Hyottoko:
Tengu and Hyottoko are goblins in a legend that has been passed down since ancient times in Japan. A combination with other plans will enhance the atmosphere of the presentation.

Dinner prepared by dispatched first-class cooks:
Our high-class Japanese, Western and Chinese dinners are prepared with seasonal ingredients that are strictly selected. Enjoy a luxurious time while watching the Japanese garden, an experience hard to find anywhere else.
Completely private and luxury custom-made plan. 
Please inquire us for your group size. - For every plan, we can provide an attendant (interpreter).
- Professional photography & album service
- We also have plans for services that may be dispatched to the site you like.
We dispatch services to the place you choose, without compromising the atmosphere of the live presentation.
Feel free to ask us about sites and plans.


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