Tours - Confront SUMO wrestlers and eat delicious chanko hot pot
Chance to interact with sumo wrestlers!!
Learn sumo world's behind-the-scene stories and their daily life, and enjoy Chanko-nabe hot pot! 
This is a very rare opportunity to actually play sumo with sumo wrestlers (retired).

Sumo is Japanese national sport and one of Japanese traditional cultures. It is believed that the origin was in the mythical age. Sumo has been familiar with Japanese culture and lives of people. Sumo has many faces such as historical, cultural, Shinto ritual or athletic, and each of them has particular feature.

Let&;s eat CHANKO-NABE(hot pot cooking) with SUMO PERFORMANCE. You cannot experience this at anywhere else!
You will hear correct sumo knowledge and have an opportunity to try CHANKO-NABE as well. (CHANKO-NABE: unique meal in the Sumo world) We hope you have great time and enjoy Sumo world.

You will hear sumo history, manner, training, real match and so on with explanations in English.

1. Explanation about fundamental actions by two wrestlers (they were real sumo wrestlers in the past.)
2. Introduction of some techniques including prohibited techniques
3. Real 3 matches
4. You can try playing Sumo with the wrestlers 
*Guests need to wear a costume which is prepared.
5. Souvenir Photo with them!
*Demonstration contents may be changed due to a condition.

CHANKO-NABE (hot pot cooking) is healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Why sumo wrestlers can grow so much even if they eat such a healthy meal? It is because they eat it with a huge amount of rice and they train hard every day.

・CHANKO-NABE(hot pot cooking) ※CHANKO-NABE cooked by staff used be sumo wrestlers.
・Rikishi Miso
・Dosukoi Salad
・Chips (French fry)
・Citrus sorbet (sherbet)
・Oolong tea, water or hot water (included)

You can order other drinks except for hot drinks for additional fee. (In cash only)
Menu may change by season.

Price per person: 10,800 Yen 
*5,000 Yen for children under 11 years old.

Watch Sumo practice at Sumo stable in Tokyo:

Walking Tour with Sumo wrestlers in Asakusa and Ryogoku:
This is a cultural experience program.  
Program is offered in English. 

Meeting Place: 
Asakusa Chanko-ba (2-27-10 Nishi – Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo) 

Nearest station: 
- Tsukuba express Asakusa station exit 3: 1 min. walk 
- Subway Ginza-line Tawaramachi station exit 3: 8 min. walk 
- Subway Ginza-line Asakusa station exit 1: 10 min. walk 

Go outside from Tsukuba express Asakusa station exit 3, turn right and cross the intersection. There is a restaurant on the ground floor after you cross the street with gray pig picture. 

From Kaminarimon gate (facing at the gate), go towards left for about 400m. Turn right on the arcade with arched gate and walk another 300m. There is Don Quijote discount store. Turn left in front of the store and cross the crossing. Restaurant on the left. 


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