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Tours - Sushi Making Lesson with beef-nabe
Origin of Sushi is from South-East Asia to China, then came to Japan. During the Nara period (710 AD ~ 794 AD), Japanese Sushi was originated in the Western part of Japan, Kansai region of Japan as a preserving food. Then, during the Edo period, the Sushi culture was introduced to the East Kanto region (today's Tokyo) and began to be made with fresh fish.
When the Great Kanto Earthquake hit in 1923, the sushi chefs returned to their hometown and sushi started to spread nationwide with them. (Various theories are there though). 
This program offer you a hands-on lesson of how to make Sushi, namely nigiri and rolls, from experienced Sushi chef. Chef will demonstrate and kindly teach you how to make sushi.
The program includes lunch, so you will eat your own handmade sushi, as well as a special beef hot pot from the restaurant! A great deal to learn sushi making and enjoy original lunch!
As a keepsake, you will be offered a "sushi experience certificate!"
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