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Tours - ‘Noh‘ - A Traditional Performance
Noh-gaku is Japanese traditional art (performance) and has a longer history than Kabuki. It is also listed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In this program, you will learn and experience the performance of Noh-gaku from professional Noh performers. 
Noh is the oldest of Japanese theatrical art and its performance includes action, music, and dance. 

Simplicity is the most unique part of Noh. 
Songs played in Noh used to be sang by local people and movement in Noh performance was a votive dedication to God.
Unlike Kabuki, stage of Noh is quite simple - there is no massive stage set and property. Also, there is an open space between a stage and audience. 
You will experience... 
1. Go to a rehearsal place (not open to public)
2. Explanation about Noh (History, Noh stage, and differences from Kabuki) 
3. Tools, such as a fan, used in Noh
4. Learn and try the movements in Noh
5. Noh mask wearing
6. Noh performance appreciation 
7. Photo shooting with performer
8. An interpreter takes you to the nearest station and tour concludes

Explanation about costume and wearing. Taking commemorative photograph.
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